Vector vs Bitmap

Bitmaps is composed of many tiny parts, called pixels, which are often many different colours. It is possible to edit each individual pixel. When resize the bitmap graphic, the image will lose the quality.


Vector graphic are created in graphic package and consist of shapes called objects. It is possible to edit each object separately. For example, change the shape, colour, size and position. Even the object in vector graphic is quite large; it doesn’t need a lot of space to save it in computer memory, when resize the vector, the image will not lose quality.



Bitmap vs vector graphics

  Bitmap graphic Vector graphic
Description Made up of pixels Made up of mathematically-defined objects
Size Take up more storage space and memory than vectors. The file has to store information about every single pixel in the image. Take up less storage space and memory than bitmaps. The file stores only the details of the objects, which do not require much memory
Resolution dependence Dependent on resolution of printer or display device Not dependent on resolution
Scalability Not scalable. Pixilation occurs when the image is over-enlarged Scalable
Editable elements Individual pixels Individual objects
Colour Can depict very detailed images, since each pixel represents a different colour. Colour depth can vary from just 2 colours (1-bit) to over 16 million (24-bit). Limited colour capability; cannot show gradients. Not suitable for photo-realistic images. Most suited to images with few colours.
Processing power Use less processing power than vectors Use more processing power than bitmaps
Common uses Photographs, web pages and more. Logos, architectural drafts (images with a limited colour palette), CNC designs, Engineering drawings and more.


In my opinion it is better use a vector than bitmap to create courseware, animation or anything that related.



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