Point of Sale KIOSK

1)Have you ever used a point-of-sale kiosk? Where? Did it have multimedia? Compare the way it functioned to traditional shopping; did the kiosk complement, replace, or make traditional shopping unnecessary?

Yes, I have used it at TBS to buy LRT token. Yes it has multimedia, it have screen, appear menu, picture, text, show location where we want to go and the screen can be touch. Base on my experience in this LRT point of sale kiosk are better than traditional way which is the serves is faster than traditional way, and it works 24hour/day. Furthermore it doesn’t need a worker and it has many LRT point of sale machine. Compare to the traditional way, we need to line up and wait for our turn to buy a LRT token and some place only open a few counter base on their worker.

2)Find point-of-sale kiosk in your community. Describe its look and feel. Observe people using it and describe any problems or advantages you observe.

There are many point of sale in our community which is water machine, snack machine, money changed machine, and other. In my observation, people are use it base on what they need or interest. There also had problem and benefit. The benefit is it easy to use, available 24hours/ day, the process is faster than traditional way, save time and provide employee serves without increasing staff. The problem is when the machine out of money balance, the machine will not return the balance. Moreover, when the machine is in problem, the people need to line up to use traditional way.


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