Filename Extension and Intended Purpose

GIF – Graphic Interchange Format

GIF is the lossless image format that the most common format that found on the web. It has 256 maximum colour range and it ideal for making small icons, buttons, or other graphics that have large blocks of the same colour, but not for images that are required to be photographic quality.GIF support transparency, interlace, and can be animated which makes it a excellent format for putting images on a website.

JPG – Joint Photographic Experts Group

JPEG is a lossy file format that designed with photographic images. It capable of storing millions of colours making format for DSLR and capturing the proper hues and colour that we see in real life. JPEG support compression, but the more compresses the type of the images, the more loss of detail will occur. JPEG are suitable for photographic images.

PNG – Portable Network Graphics

PNG is the lossless format that designed specifically for the web. It supports animation. In the form of MNG files, transparency, and can be interlaced. It comes with to format which is PNG-8 and PNG-24. PNG-8 is similar to GIF files and has 265 maximum colour ranges. PNG-24 is similar colour range with JPEG, but they tend to have large file sizes. PNG support alpha – channels.

BMP – Bit-Map

The lossless BMP format is the Microsoft Windows standard for image files. The format are rarely compressed and make the images to be quite large. It has ability to go to 16.7 million colours. BMP not support animation, transparency, and cannot be interlaced.

TIFF- Tagged Image File Format

TIFF is the lossless image format and it considered as the best choice for photographic image quality. The main problem with this file format is that most applications do not compress the TIFF files, so they can be quite large. TIFF file format are use a big space file. This format not support animation, transparency, and cannot be interlaced.




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