Elements of Multimedia

Elements in development of multimedia product :

1. text word processor that very important for communication in any medium. it often used for tittles, headlines, menus, navigation and content in multimedia. it is most recommended that the text should be presented with combination of graphic.

2. audio – audio can provide listening pleasure of music and special effects. It can help a blind people to receive the information easily. there is two types of audio, which is analogy and digital audio. Analog is the original sound signal. Digital audio refer to digital sampling of actual sound. Usually in multimedia are using a digital sound.

3. video – useful communication tool that can use in presentation. it can use to portray real time moving picture in multimedia project. the video can be edited and save in files of computer.

4. images – images or graphic is a structured drawing tool, paint programs, scanner or photograph taken using a digital camera.

5. animation – process of making static image object that look like it moving or illusion of movement. It also know as animator. digital animation has two categories, which is 2D and 3D.







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