Characteristic of 21st Century Learner

1. Characteristic of 21st century learner:

-they respond better

–higher level of digital literacy

-don’t care of having job


-learning from what they watch and doing


-better educate than any generation

-they demonstrade independence

-they value evidence

-they understand other perspetives and culture


2. how important we as educator to know 21st century learner?

21st century learning approach to teaching that marries content to skill. without skills, student are left to memorize fact, recall details, and relegate their educational experience to passivity. teachers need to demonstrate leadership in school and teacher need to lead the teaching profesional. teacher treat student as inividuals and adapt their teaching for benefit of student with special need. another important thing is teacher need to know the content of what they teaching. Educator can leverage technology to create an engaging and personalize environment to meet the emerging education need in 21st centugy generation.


3. how its effect technology in education?

from my overview and research i think technology in education can be more interesting. teacher also need to find a interesting way of learning to make it more relevent to not a technology for gamers of having fun, it also can use for learning. teacher can be more creative in use technology in education because technology can create image, video, audio, text and animation which can make an interactive learning education.


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