1. The primary types of criteria used to analyze learners

In ASSURE model, analyze learner are the first step in ASSURE model. the first step, we must know our target audient. We need to analyze and write down the relevant information. The primary types of criteria used to analyze learners is their general characteristic ( grade level, age, sex, mental, emotional, physical or social problem, socio-economic status etc.) and specific entry competencies (prior knowledge, skills, and attitudes about the topic), and learning styles (visual, music, verbal, logical, etc.)


2. Why are learning objectives an important aspect of lesson planning?

Learning objective is a statement of what student will be able to do when they have completed instruction. Objective learning is focused on the learner. Learning objective has 3 major components which is a description of what the student will be able to do, the conditions under which the student will perform the task and the criteria for evaluating student performance. Besides that, teacher may not be able to access student achievement without the learning objectives.

Learning objective is important in aspect of lesson planning because it states specifically what a student should be able to do. It’s important that learning objective need to be specific and measurable where it can help teacher in selecting the appropriate media and teaching method that can be use. There also have a number of resources on learning objectives online that can use. Learning objective are not just learning objective, it specify the skills, but there also attitudes and knowledge to be considered in lesson plan. Learning objective will tell student what the important. Other than that learning objective enable good assessment development and it encourage reflection and good course design and development.


3. What are the four components of a well-written objective?

The objective statement is describing on what the learner will do as a result of instruction. Thing that to keep in mind as I write before, it is should focused on the learner, not teacher, use behavioural that reflect the real world concern and also must ensure the objective are descriptions of the learning outcomes and are written using four components of a well-written objective ABCD format which are consist of:

A – Audient     – refer to student in which specifies the learner for whom the objective is intended.

B – Behaviour- refer to what do you want them to do? The behaviour need to be demonstrated as

learner performance, an observable, measureable behaviour or a real world skill.

C – Condition- refers to what circumstances or condition are the learner to demonstrate the skill.

D – Degree    – refer to how well do you want then to demonstrate their mastered or degree to

which the new skill must be mastered.


4. List and describe procedures for selecting, modifying and designing strategies, technology and media

Selecting, modifying and designing strategies, technology and media are necessary into bring out the result.

First, figure out what which delivery method will be best for instruction. For instance, what proportion of will be student cantered? The first of these are strategies such as lecture, demonstration or showing video. Second are the strategies such as group discussion or cooperative group work. Learning will be more exciting when there is more class participation. The ultimately, the learner must gain mastery over the material, not the teacher. However, teacher needs to give information and technique to give over and demonstrate. Once that teaching strategies has been selected, it is time to figure out which technology, media and materials best support method of teaching that can be using. It ranges from the simple tools such as chalk and blackboard or PowerPoint. What must be remember must be remembered is that the instructor is the essential ingredient in giving over the material. Fancy tools are useful, but it boils down to having someone who knows more than what the textbook contain. Besides that, teacher can make teaching tool by their self to make the learning more exciting.



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